What clients have to say!

  “Nancy has completely transformed my body. From a collegiate athlete to a mother of 3, my body has been through a lot. From herniated discs to diastasis recti, Nancy has studied and designed our sessions to strengthen and improve my core. She is truly amazing!”  


“Nancy is amazing! I have never enjoyed working out so much! I feel great and my sciatica is gone!” 


"I started classes with Nancy with knee pain. I'm a recreational athlete with two ACL reconstructions and have fought pain ever since my surgeries. Through Nancy and Pilates, I can now run comfortably, play competitively, and feel strong all the time. Pilates has changed my life and I credit Nancy's teaching for that!"


“Hours at a desk combined with horseback riding had left me with almost constant pain and discomfort in my lower back. Since starting with Nancy two years ago, my life and riding have greatly improved. This last tax season was the first season where I didn’t have pain. Nancy also took the time to watch me ride. From that she was able to offer suggestions that improved my riding and relieved the back pain I was having when cantering. She has done more for me in two years then doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and personal trainers have over the last 10 years.” 


“I have been doing Pilates with Nancy for over six years now. I LOVE it! I enjoy the hardcore work out and stretching. I have kept with Pilates through both of my pregnancies and been able to enjoy the workout. Thanks to Nancy for keeping me in shape!!" 


“I am a person who does not love to exercise. After trying many different types of exercise, I am very happy I started Pilates with Nancy ten years ago. Nancy is very helpful with the areas I need to strengthen. She is very professional with relieving my aches and pains. I feel so much better every time I leave her studio.” 


 “Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”   

 Joseph Pilates